Panda P2 Intraoral Scanner Opens A New Era of Oral Digitalization

Fri-04-2022Product Introduction


Minimum: 216mm*40mm*36mm
Lightest: 246g

Scientific design, the lightest weight, compact and dexterous, reduce the doctor's scanning burden. The streamlined design is more in line with the doctor's operating habits and is convenient to hold.


More Comfortable

Lowest: The entrance height of the scan head is only 14.1mm.
The exclusive patented design multi-specification scan head has built-in heating and can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure.

The ultra-thin scanning head greatly reduces the requirements for the opening degree and reduces the feeling of foreign bodies, scans smoothly and has a clearer view. Using conventional, D-type and M-type scanning heads, light steering and zero-dead-angle scanning can be easily achieved.


More Accurate

'Staring' scanning technology, independent research and development of projection chip modules. Use continuous stereo photography technology to obtain image information to achieve "one frame, one count".

The optical distortion of the calibration algorithm of the autonomous projection system is controllable to ensure high-precision three-dimensional imaging.


More Intelligent

Automatic calibration

Fully automatic five-dimensional calibrator, only one key operation is required, which perfectly realizes complex and high-precision calibration operations, which is more convenient and intelligent.

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