Visit to the Dentistry of Guoguang Hospital

Fri-04-2022Cooperation Case

The dentistry of Guoguang Hospital has been focusing on dental implants since 2009. After more than ten years of tempering, they have cultivated a team with leading technology and rich experience.


Panda Scanner, through the iterative upgrade of the product and complete after-sales service system, has also been highly recognized by doctors and patients on the clinical side.


Dean Chen took us to watch the live scans of Panda P2 Intraoral Scanner. Patients can see 3D images of teeth in front of the computer in real time, and intuitively understand what problems the teeth face and how to deal with them. Therefore, the efficiency of communication between doctors and patients is significantly improved, and the trust between doctors and patients can be better established.


Traditional dental impression taking will affect the accuracy of dental restorations due to small errors in the process, and will also bring bad dental experience to patients with periodontal disease and severe pharyngeal reflex. Panda P2 Intraoral Scanner can avoid errors through digital information collection, including implant restoration, routine restoration, and orthodontics without brackets.


The dentistry of Guoguang Hospital has been using Panda Scanner, and vigorously promotes and popularizes digital diagnosis and treatment technology. Panda Scanner provides the highest level of dental digitization services in China, serves as a link between cooperative distributors, processing plants and dental clinics, and continues to create value for customers, becoming a trusted partner for users worldwide.


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