Top 6 Tips for Choosing the Right Intraoral Scanner

Tue-07-2022Health Tips

Intraoral scanners open another pathway to advanced dentistry for dental professionals by providing an accurate, fast and comfortable scanning experience. More and more dentists understand that switching from traditional impressions to digital impressions will bring more benefits.




* Check Speed


The speed of an intraoral scanner is something most clients will be concerned about, such as being able to make a 3D impression model in minutes and quickly send the finished model to the lab. In the long run, a fast and easy-to-use intraoral scanner will undoubtedly bring more benefits to dental clinics and laboratories.


* Check Accuracy


Checking the accuracy of intraoral scanners is an important metric that dental professionals and laboratory technicians should be concerned about. Low-precision intraoral scanners cannot output the true state of the patient’s teeth. An intraoral scanner that can output accurate and complete images in real time should be your best choice.


* Check Fluency


While speed and accuracy are important, so is the fluidity of the patient experience and the performance of the software. These reflect whether the scanner handles mouth corners well, repositions quickly when the scan is interrupted, stops when moving to another area, etc.


* Scanner Size


For dental professionals who perform a variety of scans every day, intraoral scanners need to be ergonomically designed, lightweight and compact. Therefore, the lightweight and easy-to-control PANDA P2 intraoral scanner will be used more frequently. For patients, the size of the scanner probe should be considered for easier access to their mouth.


* Usability


The easy-to-use intraoral scanner is suitable for dental professionals to integrate normally into their daily workflow. At the same time, the supporting software should meet the basic treatment needs of dental professionals and be easy to operate.


* Warranty


Intraoral scanners play an important role in a dentist’s daily workflow, and favorable warranty terms protect your device. You can find out what the warranty covers and whether it can be extended.





The use of digital intraoral scanners is an irreversible mode in today’s dental industry. How to choose a suitable intraoral scanner is an important foundation for you to enter digital dentistry.

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