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Fri-04-2022Cooperation Case

In 2019, Chen’s Dental Clinic introduced the Panda Scanner intraoral scanner. As the first batch of users of Panda Scanner intraoral scanner, the evaluation of Panda Scanner intraoral scanner is very high. Panda Scanner not only allows doctors to diagnose and treat patients more accurately, but also achieves good clinical results.

Zhang Yao, the deputy director of Panda Scanner Marketing, came to the clinic and communicated with the clinic’s Dean Mo on the use of Panda Scanner intraoral scanner. We hoped that Panda Scanner intraoral scanner can better serve clinical patients.

Why did the digital treatment system be introduced so early? Dean Mo said that in recent years, dental diagnosis and treatment methods have developed rapidly, and digitalization is the trend. The introduction of advanced digital equipment allows us to accumulate more advanced in the industry earlier Experience, to provide patients with the best treatment plan.

As a pioneer in dental digitalization, Chen’s Dental Clinic has always insisted on digital upgrades and transformations. Compared with the traditional dental industry, digital dental medicine not only brings a new patient experience, but also comprehensively enhances the doctor’s treatment accuracy.

Bamboo Cart’s precise data transmission allows doctors and patients to clearly see the oral conditions, and also reduces time costs.


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