Oral Medical Industry Association Annual Meeting ended successfully


This month, Ziyang Oral Medical Industry Association and Ziyang Medical Association successfully held the 2021 annual meeting and academic meeting.


Ziyang Dental Medical Association actively develops industry academic exchanges, knowledge lectures, legal lectures, and information sharing activities based on the main industry of ‘China Dental Valley’, and vigorously develops national brands.


Panda Scanner, as a Chinese intraoral scan brand with completely independent research and development, keeps up with the wave of oral digitalization, actively participates in this event, and contributes to the development of national brands. PANDA P2 intraoral scanner was unveiled at the exhibition, attracting many experts and doctors to stop and experience the PANDA P2.


We believe that with the development of oral digitalization, more and more national brands will emerge. Panda Scanner will always implement the brand spirit and use better products and services to promote the development of the oral digital industry.


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