How Digital Dentistry Can Make Dentistry More Effective

Wed-01-2023Health Tips

Almost every area in dental care is being transformed by digital dentistry. From the moment you walk into your dentist’s office to the time they diagnose your disease or condition, digital dentistry makes a big difference.


In fact, the use of products related to digital dentistry has increased significantly, bringing many benefits to patients. Digital tools save time and are extremely effective when compared to traditional dental treatments.




Top Digital Tools in Use Today


1. Intraoral Camera


These are tiny cameras that take real-time pictures of the inside of your mouth. Dentists can utilize the images acquired from the camera to diagnose any dental problems instantly. They can also tell you what they’ve observed, which can help you maintain better dental hygiene in the future.


2. Intraoral Scanner & CAD / CAM


Dental professionals are increasingly using replicas of oral tissue from intraoral scans, which allow for faster collection of impression data than traditional methods, eliminating the need for impression materials such as traditional plaster casts, and improving patient comfort.


3. Digital Radiography


While X-rays have been used in dental offices for a long time, traditional techniques using film require a time-consuming and expensive process. Additionally, the resulting printout requires excessive storage space. Digital radiography is a significantly faster option because scans can be viewed immediately on a computer screen and saved for later use on a computer or in the cloud. Sharing images with experts is also made simple, and the process goes faster. The American Dental Association also claims that the risk of radiation exposure is much lower when digital radiography is compared to traditional X-rays.


4. Cancer Scanning Tools


Fluorescence imaging is a tool that dentists can use to spot abnormalities like cancer, and when detected early with the help of modern technology, such diseases can be treated quickly and affordably, which provides patients with better prognosis and shorter recovery. According to recent findings in the field of digital dentistry, this technique can identify lesions and other potentially harmful abnormalities.


5. Digitally Guided Implant Surgery


Since this tool is relatively new, it is not very well known among dental practitioners. However, intraoral scanners help dentists determine the most accurate and successful way to place implants in each patient’s unique jawbone characteristics. This reduces the chance of errors when calculating the implant size. In addition to this, patients do not have to go through the same procedure over and over again due to the precision of the procedure. Therefore, offer your patients a treatment session without any pain.




Dental clinic and hospital visits have increased due to breakthroughs in digital dentistry. The process of checking and providing an effective diagnosis has also become faster, safer and more reliable. Dentists and dental associates that make perfect use of the possibilities afforded by scientifically proven, tried, and tested digital oral technologies like PANDA series of intraoral scanners, may deliver the best dental treatment with the greatest degree of comfort.

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