2023.06.16 Freqty Cloud Update Log

Mon-06-2023Product Introduction

New Features

* Add New User Guide

After registering an account, new users can quickly follow the guide to bind devices, establish transfer relationships, and start Panda Center. (Appstudio is not supported yet)

New function 1

New function 2

New function 3

Main Interface Revision and Upgrade

Support switching between old and new versions, reconstructing all interface layouts for clearer organization and more efficient and convenient user use.

New function 4

New function 5

New function 6

New function 7

Change the Way to View Case Details

Double-click the case to open the case details page, and the key information of the case is clear at a glance.

New function 8

new function 9

Functional Optimization

* Optimize English translation

* Optimize the Interface Size Adaptation

Adapt to different screen sizes, such as tablets, mobile phones and other devices with different screen sizes.

(Tablet Display Effect)


* Optimize Page Error and Operation Prompt Information

Bug Fix

* Fix the problem of no data in workbench

* Fix the abnormal display of characters in the workbench interface

* Fix the problem of abnormal display of implant type in case details

* Fix other known bugs

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