Freqty Public Welfare Trip


On March 24, 2023, FREQTY Technology and Tang Dental participated in a public welfare event hosted by the Sichuan Shimaier Service Team of the China Council of Lion Clubs and Shuangxi Primary School in Shehong City.




We jointly checked the oral condition of the students in Shuangxi Primary School and popularized oral health knowledge, so that children can understand the importance of caring for teeth and maintaining oral hygiene.


Using the PANDA series of intraoral scanners to scan the children’s mouths one by one, the children were all excited when they saw their teeth for the first time.




After the oral examination, the doctor immediately generated a corresponding oral health report, so that parents of children far away can scan the QR code to check their child’s oral condition at any time, prevent dental diseases in advance, and help children establish oral health awareness.


The prevention of dental diseases is very important, and many diseases are closely related to bad habits in daily life. These bad habits can cause damage to dental tissue and cause some systemic diseases.


However, remote areas are limited by many conditions, and it is difficult to prevent oral diseases through regular inspections. Our strength is very small, but we hope to do our best to improve children’s lives and oral health. We hope that they will move toward a bright future with love, health and dreams.




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