Panda Scanner interviews Yan’s Dental Clinic

Fri-04-2022Cooperation Case

Yan’s Dental Clinic was established in June 2004. Since its establishment, in line with the service tenet of ‘people-oriented, refined craftsmanship’, after more than ten years of steady development, it now has a wealth of dental professional clinical experience and superb dentistry Technology. Today, we were fortunate to interview the Dean of Yan’s Mouth, Yan Dehu, to listen to his story of Yan’s wonderful journey down to the ground.


In the past, patients were treated during the day, and they worked overtime at night to take the model. In recent years, the cooperation with Jingyi Denture has reduced the burden on doctors and can better serve patients. The clinic has also gone from the initial 40 square meters to the current 1,000 square meters. The hardships along the way have been replaced by the recognition of the patients. All this is worthwhile.


Through continuous investment and development, Yan’s Dental Clinic has become the first clinic with digital oral scanning equipment in Zitong County. For PANDA P2, doctors and nurses were reluctant to accept digital equipment at the beginning, and felt that it was of little use, but after training and use, clinics can no longer do without PANDA P2.


For doctors, PANDA P2 saves time for consultation; for patients, PANDA P2 brings a comfortable consultation experience. After the scan, the dentures made in Jingyi Dentures do not need any adjustment and grinding, and both the doctor and the patient are efficient and convenient.


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