How Important are Dental Intraoral Scanners?

Thu-11-2022Health Tips

The world of dentistry has come a long way with technological advancements and the process of dental diagnosis and treatment has changed dramatically, all made possible by the introduction of intraoral scanners.


Intraoral scanners help dentists overcome the limitations of traditional dentistry and offer many benefits. Intraoral scanners not only free dentists from reliance on alginate, making diagnosis and treatment easier for patients, but also simplify the dentists’ workflow.


If you’re a dentist still relying on traditional dentistry, it’s time to let you know that switching to digital dentistry can help you a lot.


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Importance of Intraoral Scanners


  • Improve Patient Experience


As a dentist, you definitely want your patients to have a good time with your diagnosis and treatment. However, with traditional dental treatment, you naturally cannot give them a good experience because traditional treatment is a long and tedious process.


When you switch to digital dentistry, better, easier, and more comfortable treatment is possible. With the help of an intraoral scanner, you can easily get accurate intraoral data and start treatment right away.


  • Ease of Treatment by Doctors


Dentists using traditional impression systems will spend more time treating each patient, patients will also have to make multiple trips to the clinic, and sometimes traditional impression systems will make mistakes.


Dentists using intraoral scanners can obtain intraoral data within one to two minutes, making the process of diagnosis and treatment simple. The PANDA series of intraoral scanners are lightweight, small in size and ergonomically designed to provide friendly treatment.


  • Faster Turnaround Time


Using an intraoral scanner in treatment allows patients to start treatment and progress without having to wait long. Lab staff can also make crowns on the same day. With internal milling, the process of making a crown or bridge is very simple.




Intraoral scanners have transformed dental treatment, and if you want to provide the best dental experience for your patients and streamline your workflow, then you’d better switch to digital dentistry and invest in an advanced intraoral scanner.

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