Top Reasons Dentists Should Turn to Intraoral Scanner

Mon-05-2022Product Introduction

Intraoral scanners have accelerated the process of diagnosing and treating dental problems, what makes it so popular with dentists and patients?


*It’s no longer a time-consuming affair.
Old-fashioned dental impression techniques are time-consuming and require extensive cleaning and sterilization.


*Higher accuracy.
Enables efficient diagnosis, eliminating some of the variables unavoidable in traditional dental impressions.


*Best for implants.
Intraoral scanners improve workflow, resulting in a 33% reduction in time during dental implant restorations.


*Very safe.
Intraoral scanners do not emit any harmful radiation and are safe for dentists and patients to use.


*Provides real-time feedback and can improve communication between patient and dentist.


*For various diagnostics.
Intraoral scanners are used for various diagnostics and treatments, such as in making dentures, dental restorations, oral surgery, etc.


Intraoral scanners have many advantages, reducing the stress and discomfort associated with treatment, and dentists should use intraoral scanners in their daily practice.


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