Aesthetic Restoration of Anterior Tooth Extractions and Implants

Mon-05-2022Case Sharing

Digital Diagnosis and Treatment Restoration Plan


On February 19, 2021, Ms. Li broke her anterior teeth due to trauma. She felt that the aesthetics and function were seriously affected, and she went to the clinic to repair her teeth.




Oral examination:

*There is no defect in the lip, the opening degree is normal, and there is no snapping in the joint area.
*A1, B1 tooth root can be seen in the mouth
*Superficial overbite and overburden of anterior teeth, slightly lower frenulum position
*The overall mouth hygiene is slightly worse, with more dental calculus, soft scale and pigmentation.
*CT showed that A1, B1 root length was about 12MM, alveolar width>7MM, no obvious abnormal periodontal


CT Images:

restoration ct


PANDA P2 Scanning:

restoration - 2


After communication, the patient chooses to immediately extract, implant and repair.


Preoperative DSD Design



Implant Surgery Photos



Intraoral Photo After Surgery



CT Images After Dental Implant



Phase II Restoration of PANDA P2 Scanning Data



On July 2, 2021, the patient finished wearing the teeth



The whole process is digitally designed to complete the production, and the patient’s oral conditions are accurately replicated through PANDA P2, combined with CT data to complete a complete set of surgical plans for soft and hard tissues.

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