Device Assembly and Startup

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With Bamboo, integrated installation, touch screen, enjoy the fun of technology.

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Device Registration and Binding

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  • Preparations before Use
    • Quick Start PANDA Intraoral Scanners

      1000 views • 1 month ago

      How to quickly get started with PANDA series intraoral scanner? Just watch this video!

    • Upper Jaw Scanning

      500 views • 1 month ago

    • Lower Jaw Scanning

      500 views • 1 month ago

    • Occlusion Scanning

      500 views • 1 month ago

  • Software Operating Guide
    • Orthodontic Simulation New Upgrade

      200 views • 1 month ago

      The new version of the orthodontic simulation software combines advanced technology and intelligent algorithms to enable three-point positioning, intelligent segmentation, and intelligent teeth arrangement, making orthodontic treatment easier and more accurate.

    • Panda Center

      400 views • 1 month ago

      The new version of Panda Center greatly improves scanning speed and model processing speed.

  • Introduction for Software Tools
    • Measurement

      200 views • 1 month ago

      Measure the distance between any two points to obtain a specific figure.

    • Scanning of the Scanbody

      100 views • 1 week ago

      Hollow to create a cylindrical three-dimensional space, in order to define the scanning area of the scanbody.

    • Occlusal Distance

      100 views • 1 week ago

      This function is usually used to check whether there is enough bite space between the working teeth and the opposite teeth.

    • Alignment

      100 views • 1 week ago

      Alignment is often used to realign the buccal data when the buccal matching is inaccurate.

    • Save Image

      100 views • 1 week ago

      Save image is used to take and save photos of intraoral conditions by the scanner, which helps dentist-patient communication and dentist-lab communication.

    • Undercut

      100 views • 1 week ago

      Check the undercut situation from different perspectives. An undercut area will be marked with gradient colors, and the arrow direction represents the current path of insertion direction.

    • Margin

      100 views • 1 week ago

      Draw the edge of the tooth and confirm the position of the margin.

    • Flip

      100 views • 1 week ago

    • Tooth Preparation and Cuff-cut

      100 views • 1 week ago

  • Platform
  • The Calibrator and Tips
    • Calibration

      3000 views • 1 month ago

      The automatic calibrator is more convenient and intelligent. It only needs one-button operation, which perfectly realizes complex and high-precision calibration operations.

    • Tip Introduction

      776 views • 3 months ago

      3 probes with different angles allow the light to turn and easily solve the scanning problem. To meet more demands of different applications, it is suitable for scanning children and adults.

  • Ancillary Functions
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