Why is the Digital Impression System Highly Recommended in Dentistry?

Wed-08-2022Product Introduction

Digital dental impression is the ability to capture highly accurate and clear impression data in minutes through advanced optical scanning technology, without the hassle of traditional methods that patients dislike. Accurate distinction between teeth and gingiva is also one of the reasons dentists prefer to use digital dental impressions.


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Today, digital dental impressions are widely used and highly recommended because of their increased efficiency and accuracy. Digital dental impressions can save time by restoring teeth in one day. In contrast to the traditional process of plaster casts or real impressions, dentists can send impression data directly to the lab via software.


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In addition, digital dental impressions have the following advantages:


*Comfortable and pleasant patient experience

*No need for the patient to sit in the dentist’s chair for a long time

*Impressions for creating perfect dental restorations

*Restorations can be completed in a short time

*Patients can witness the entire process on a digital screen

*It’s an eco-friendly and sustainable technology that does not require the disposal of plastic trays and other materials




Why are digital impressions better than traditional impressions?


Traditional impressions involve different stages and the use of multiple materials. Since this is a very technical process, the scope for errors at each stage is huge. Such errors may be material errors or human errors at the same time. With the advent of digital impression systems, the chance of error is negligible. A digital dental scanner like the PANDA P2 Intraoral Scanner eliminates errors and reduces any uncertainty common in traditional dental impression methods.




Considering all these facts discussed above, digital dental impressions can save time, be more accurate, and provide a comfortable experience for the patient. If you’re a dentist and haven’t used a digital impression system, it’s time to incorporate it into your dental practice.

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