How Can Intraoral Scanners Help with Orthodontics

Tue-07-2022Product Introduction

Orthodontics is an important part of dentistry, which solves the problem of misalignment of teeth and jaws with the help of different braces. Braces are made according to the size of the affected teeth, so taking accurate measurements is an important part of the orthodontic process.

The traditional model taking mode takes a long time, brings discomfort to the patient, and is prone to errors. With the advent of intraoral scanners, treatment has become faster and easier.




*Effective Communication with the Laboratory

With intraoral scanners, dentists can send impressions directly to the lab via software, the impressions are not deformed, and they can be processed immediately in significantly less time.


*Improve Patient Comfort

Intraoral scanners offer convenience and comfort compared to traditional impression procedures. The patient does not have to endure the unpleasant process of holding alginate in the mouth and can view the entire process on a monitor.


*Easy to Diagnose and Treat

From accurate diagnosis to perfect treatment, everything can be easily achieved with the help of intraoral scanners. Because the intraoral scanner captures the patient’s entire mouth, accurate measurements are obtained so that the right aligner can be tailored.


*Less Storage Space

With intraoral scanners, without plaster and alginate to make oral models. Since there is no physical impression, no storage space is required because the images are acquired and stored digitally.




Digital intraoral scanners have transformed orthodontic dentistry, with more and more orthodontists opting for intraoral scanners to reach more patients with simple treatments.

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