Panda Scanner — Focus on Intraoral Scanners

Fri-04-2022Product Introduction

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: ‘We will vigorously promote the spirit of model workers, work spirit, and craftsmanship, cultivate more highly skilled talents and craftsmen from big countries, and provide a powerful guarantee for the comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country.’


To implement this response, Panda Scanner established a factory in Ziyang to attract a large number of technical talents. The new factory will soon be put into production, adding fresh blood to Panda Scanner’s research and development and China’s dental business.


Parts assembly, machine verification, packaging… these extremely common but rigorous operations are exactly what Panda Scanner craftsmen must do every day.


The team of skilled workers is an important foundation for supporting China’s manufacturing and plays an important role in promoting high-quality economic development. With firm ideals and convictions and unremitting spirit of struggle, doing every ordinary thing well and jointly fostering the spirit of craftsmanship is our precious spiritual wealth.

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