The 27th South China International Dental Exhibition

Fri-04-2022Dental Exhibition

On March 2-5, 2022, the 27th South China International Dental Exhibition is being held in Guangzhou, China, and the exhibition site is in full swing. Panda Scanner exhibited the PANDA P2 intraoral scanner. In order to let everyone know more about PANDA P2, we also provided the BAMBOO mobile display cart for display, allowing customers to experience the splendor of PANDA P2.

At the same time, Panda Scanner also accepted interviews with well-known media in Guangzhou on the spot, and explained PANDA P2 in more detail on the spot.

PANDA P2 supports scanning applications in three major fields: restoration, implantation, and orthodontics. Allow doctors and technicians to easily obtain high-precision digital models, making intraoral scanning more convenient, comfortable and intelligent.

With its high performance, PANDA P2 conforms to the rhythm of the era of digital dental diagnosis and treatment, and occupies a place in the digital wave. Panda Scanner will continue to uphold the concept of “making products with wisdom and serving with heart” to protect the oral health of the public!









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