Panda Center New Features

Tue-08-2023Product Introduction

Panda Center is the latest scanning software integrated on the basis of Freqty Cloud platform.

One-stop operation, easy to control the entire process

Panda Center provides a one-stop operation function. Seamless connectivity for creating order, scanning, uploading information, and diagnostic analysis. No need to switch software, all operations can be done in Panda Center.

  • Create Order

creat order

  • Scanning


  • Upload Information


  • Diagnostic Analysis

creat order

Real-time order management, comprehensive analysis at your fingertips

Panda Center launched a new order management mode.

  • Secure and Stable

The new data storage structure is more secure and stable.

  • Efficient and Convenient

Data transfer is more efficient and convenient, and order details and status can be seen at a glance.

  • Real-time Synchronization

Support real-time synchronization of cloud data, even if the computer fails or change computers, you can always synchronize the data to the local, no need to worry about data loss.


Intelligent detection and one-click repair, easy to solve software anomalies

Panda Center provides intelligent support assistant, if the scan freezes, delays, or the software fails to run, use the assistant can automatically check the abnormal problem and one-click fix.



Support one-click update, say goodbye to cumbersome operation

Panda Center provides a full range of program management, supports user-defined operation of the software, and makes software maintenance simpler and more efficient.






Panda Center is an upgrade based on the rich experience of doctors, and it will bring a new way of working and experience to doctors, which greatly improves the convenience, intelligence and efficiency of medical process.


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