Visit Delin Medical to Talk About Dental Digitization

Tue-08-2022Cooperation Case

A few weeks ago, we visited Delin Medical and partner dental clinic and talked about how digital oral cavity has changed the dental industry.


The CEO of Delin Medical said that intraoral scanners can be used as a necessary tool in the development of dental digitalization, and it is the starting point for the development of dental digitalization.


Compared with traditional processing plants, digitalization shortens the production process, obtains intraoral data faster, avoids cross-infection, and does not have to worry about the storage space of plaster casts.




The doctor also shared with us an interesting case, since most hospitals still use alginate for dental impressions, the children will be very resistant. We used the PANDA P2 intraoral scanner and told the children to take a photo of your teeth, and the children were very cooperative.




The digitalization of the oral cavity is booming, and the application of digital oral scanning is becoming more and more common. We will work with more and more partners to help the digital and intelligent development of oral diagnosis and treatment.

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