Panda Scanner Orthodontic Simulation Intelligent Upgrade

Mon-09-2023Product Introduction

The new version of the orthodontic simulation software combines advanced technology and intelligent algorithms to enable three-point positioning, intelligent segmentation, and intelligent teeth arrangement, making orthodontic treatment easier and more accurate.




Three-point Positioning for Easy Alignment

By accurately obtaining 3D scan data of the patient’s mouth, the software can use three points to quickly and accurately locate the tooth position and provide alignment guidance, effectively improving the accuracy of orthodontic treatment.

Three-point Positioning

Intelligent Segmentation, Accurate Identification

After importing the model data, the algorithm intelligently segments each tooth, automatically and accurately identifies each tooth number, and reduces the doctor’s chairside operation time.

Intelligent segmentation

Intelligent Teeth Arrangement, Vivid Display

One-key intelligent teeth arrangement, automatically generate the result after teeth arrangement.

teeth arrangement

Customized Adjustment Design Plan

Use the Custom Adjustment Tool to flexibly adjust the position, shape and alignment of teeth for a personalized treatment plan.

Customized Adjustment Dental Arches

Adjusting the dental arches allows for better planning and alignment of teeth based on the size and shape of the arches of different patients.

adjust 1

adjust 2

adjust 3


Newly Upgraded Interface, Simple and Clear

The interface style and prompt information have been reconstructed and optimized, making the operation simple and easy to understand, improving the doctor’s experience.

orth 1

orth 2

orth 3

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